Will Apples Launch Fail?

There has been much chatter about the iPhone 6 and all it’s upgrades. There was the improved notification system, the larger screen, the glowing Apple sign on the back, wireless charging, and the Smart Cover. These are just some of the new upgrades for the upcoming iPhone. But what if the launch fails? There is

September 19 Release

Deutsche Telekom, a partner of Apple, and Tencent have both stated that Apples iPhone 6 will indeed be released on September 19 as many presumed. There was a little confusion as earlier in the year there was a rumor that the iPhone 6 would be released on September 25 which I know isn’t that much

Largest Production Yet?

If you thought last years production was big, then think again. This time Apple is ordering 70 to 80 million phones, in both the 4.7″ and 5.5″ model. Does that confirm that the 5.5″  model will be released on the same day as the 4.7″ model, we don’t know. But we do know that Apple

No Text Missed?

We’ve heard rumors for the new and improved notification system on the iPhone 6. We’ve heard that the phone will adjust by itself based off of the users activity on the phone. That’s just one rumor, but this next one is interesting. According to a rumor, you might just not miss a text. Let’s say

Rumor RoundUp

We have heard a lot of rumors over the last couple of months on the iPhone 6. We’ve heard that there might be an iPhone Air, there might be a larger 5.5″ version of the iPhone 6. Most of these rumors seek to increase the hype for the iPhone 6. Such as the video with

Larger iPhone 6 To Be In 2015?

The anticipated iPhone 6 will no doubt have to versions and those two versions being a 4.7″ model and a 5.5″ model, people will want the larger smartphone. But in order to keep up with the fall release Apple might have too wait to release the 5.5″ model until 2015, which would angry many people

Improved For Athletes Everywhere

The iPhone 5s has already shown its capability to the athletes who use it for workouts and training. Apple has already paired up with Nike and it seems the technology in the iPhone 5s can’t be improved but it can. The new technology in the 6 will be outstanding, more like a personal trainer but

2 Millimetre Thick Battery?!

We knew that the iPhone 6 and rumored iPhone Air would be thin but not this thin. Sources now state that the battery in the iPhone Air and iPhone 6 will have a 2mm battery, which as 1mm smaller than the previous iPhone 5s and 5c’s battery. This means we might be getting a much

13 Megapixel Camera?

As we near the release of the iPhone 6 and rumored iPhone Air there have been more and more leaks of photos and internal devices in the iPhone 6. Now there is a rumor that the iPhone 6 may jump to a 13 megapixel camera compared to the previous 8 megapixel camera. This would be

Good For Accident Prone Users?

A video was just released showing the strength of the iPhone 6. Youtuber Marques Brownlee posted a video of which he claims as a straight off the assembly line front display panel of the iPhone 6. In the video he bends the panel, tries to scratch it in various forms and there as no mark.