Final Stages

The iPhone 6 is almost here with all of its new upgrades and technology like the exclusive A8 processor, wireless charging, improved notification and handscan software. This phone will becoming out in less than a month and it is now going through its final stages before being boxed and shipped to various countries around the

Apple Sign Rumored to be non-scratchable

The iPhone 6 seems to have many features that are non-scratch able like its sapphire screen and they have made their Apple sign on the back of the phone also non-scratch able. This solves many peoples problems as they may not need cases of the screen won’t shatter and the phones back seems to be

The Cases Have Arrived

We all well know that the iPhone 6 won’t come out until September 9. Yet cases have already begun to sell online and in stores as we now see pictures of the back of the iPhone 6 and it’s case options. Buy the case early, get the phone later. It’s almost going to be another


There was leaked videos and photos of Apple using a sapphire screen, which in video is unscratchable. Then there were rumors that they had a short supply and we’re just going to use gorilla screens. Now there has been leaked photos showing the unscratchable symbol, so p this confirms the iPhone 6 will have unbreakable

Larger iPhone 6 Coming September 9?

So the release date for the upcoming iPhone 6 has been confirmed to be on September 9, a little earlier than expected. Yet there has been no confirmation on whether the larger iPhone 6 model, the 5.5″, will be released on the same day as the 4.7″. This may be a problem as everyone is

September 9 Confirmed

There has been a lot of speculation about the release dathe for the iPhone 6. It was rumored for a while to be on September 25, a Friday which falls around the usual release date for iPhones. Yet now it has been confirmed that the release date as September 9. A little earlier than expected

More Improvements

We’ve heard many reasons on why to buy the new upcoming ┬áiPhone 6 but yet there is still more. We have just confirmed that there will be an A8 chip(exclusive), an improved fingerprint reader, and will have faster wifi. Just these three reasons alone convince people to buy the iPhone 6. There is also going

Earlier Arrival Than Expected

Most of the people who are awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 6 think it’s coming but according to a new report it might just come a little earlier. We were tipped that the announcement of the 6 will be on September 9 but the new source claims that will be the release date and

5.5″ Model To Be Released On 25th

There has been speculation on wheather or not Apple will release their rumored 5.5″ model with their 4.7″ model on the same date. There was rumors that the larger model wouldn’t come out until 2015 which I would suspect would make people angry since most people like a larger smartphone. It looks like Apple will

Will Apples Launch Fail?

There has been much chatter about the iPhone 6 and all it’s upgrades. There was the improved notification system, the larger screen, the glowing Apple sign on the back, wireless charging, and the Smart Cover. These are just some of the new upgrades for the upcoming iPhone. But what if the launch fails? There is